TRC Certified & ANAB Accredited

CAN-K was established in 1991 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to develop innovative products for the oil & gas, space and aerospace industries. Several of the products developed for oil & gas over the years are now standard in the industry. We have several patented technologies under licence.

Artificial lift used in the oil & gas industry are more than 75 years old and all are trying to improve existing systems with some small gain. Major research work by CAN-K to remove the status quo in artificial lift has been successfully completed after multiple trials and worldwide deployment. The change has arrived and is proven in various applications. The ESTSP (Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pumps)-Multiphase is a total "Leap in Technology" and is expected to disrupt and bring about a paradigm change in artificial lift.

Twin Screws

The ESTSP (Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pump)-Multiphase is expected to replace 15 to 20% of ESP, Gas Lift and Sucker Rod Pumps in the world in the next 7 years. ESTSP is installed exactly like an ESP and it is operator-proof. Major savings in OPEX.

ESTSP is CE certified for Europe too.

The Surface Twin Screw Multiphase Pump has entered the market as a Pipe Line Multiphase Pump (PMP) to replace all surface Multiphase Pumps using a patented technology.