Subsurface Multiphase Pumps (Artificial Lift)

Pump in Sand

Thermal Testing with Solids

A new patented technology was born after extensive research & development. The ESTSP (Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pumps)-Multiphase is available for world wide applications. It is expected to capture 15 to 20% of the artificial lift market within 7 years. This is our set target. Several areas of the pump have been patented and some are patent pending.


In our standard manufacturing range:

CE & ATEX certified for Europe

Custom Made Designs as per requirements for various casing sizes to maximize productivity.

* Max is the same type of pump as within our standard manufacturing range but with extra rates for the same differential pressure for the same diameters.

ESTSP would mean Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pump and for eg: 425 would mean 4.25 inches outer diameter.


ESTSP - Electric Submersible Twin Screw Pumps

Major advantages of ESTSP over ESP, Gas Lift and Sucker Rod Pumps:

Heat Map of Twin Screw

Thermal Gradient Under Thermal Application

  1. Operator-proof
  2. Move all fluids up the tubing, reducing density for high gas wells, lessening the load on the motor and providing faster cooling. Option to move gas up the casing, up the tubing, or both casing and tubing.
  3. Speeds and pressures are not connected. Run pumps at any speed within motor limitations without worrying about pressures - only the rate will change. It will deliver only the pressure required.
  4. Handles 97% by volume of gas and slugs of gas
  5. True Multiphase
  6. Installed exactly like an ESP. There is nothing new to learn. Just walk away upon installation.
  7. No BEP unlike an ESP
  8. Throttling is not required
  9. Will handle more solids than an ESP
  10. The least emulsion compared to any oil & gas artificial lift system
  11. Handles very high asphaltene due to low shear
  12. Inherently balanced unlike an ESP. It can operate at extremely high rpm and the rpm is only limited by the maximum motor speed
  13. No cavitation or vapour lock
  14. Land vertical, slanted or horizontal

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